FUSIONMASTER poly pipe welders are available for pipe up to 1200mm diameter. You get more welds per day because FUSIONMASTER machines are easy to set up and operate, they’re robust, they have a low maintenance requirement and they’re backed by a two year warranty.


MV70 PE Poly Pipe Welding Kit - Dixon Industries

63-32mm diameter pipe


LF110 PE Poly Pipe Welding Machine - Dixon Industries

110-32mm diameter pipe


HF225 PE Poly Pipe Welding Machine - Dixon Industries

225-63mm diameter pipe


EHF225 PE Poly Pipe Welding Machine - Dixon Industries.jpg

225-63mm diameter pipe


HF350 PE Poly Pipe Welding Machine - Dixon Industries

355-110mm diameter pipe


EHF350 PE Poly Pipe Welding Machine - Dixon Industries

355-110mm diameter pipe


HF450 PE Poly Pipe Welding Machine - Dixon Industries

450-200mm diameter pipe


HF630 PE Poly Pipe Welding Machine - Dixon Industries

630-355mm diameter pipe


HF1000 PE Poly Pipe Welding Machine - Dixon Industries

1000-630mm diameter pipe


HF1200 PE Poly Pipe Welding Machine - Dixon Industries

1200-710mm diameter pipe


SV70 Gas Pipe Saddle Fusion Kit - Dixon Industries

125-63mm diameter pipe

Unique FUSIONMASTER features

Quick change non-stick heater surface

All FUSIONMASTER heater plates are supplied with a replaceable non-stick cloth covers that are easily replaced in the field if the non-stick surface is damaged, costing very little lost time. Even though Dixon Industries is a Licensed Industrial Applicator of the Chemours Teflon range, we think coated heater surfaces are inappropriate for field work where the coated surface can be easily damaged. This jeopardises weld quality until the heater surface has been refurbished.

Minimal lubrication of moving parts

Where ever possible, Teflon has been used to eliminate the need for lubrication. This not only saves time and money in the field, but minimises the potential for excess lubricant contaminating the weld zone.

Pipe alignment mechanism

FUSIONMASTER models 350, 450, 630, 1000 and 1200 are fitted with a unique time saving mechanism that enables the operator to quickly and easily overcome pipe end misalignment.

In machines without this mechanism, acceptable alignment of the pipe ends is usually achieved by unclamping, repositioning or packing the pipe.

Fittings chuck

225, 350 and 450 FUSIONMASTER models are supplied with a quick action self-centring fittings chuck (stub holder). When used in conjunction with the pipe alignment mechanism, setting up to weld stub ends is quick and easy.

2-Year Warranty

  • Subject to the terms below, Dixon Industries Pty Ltd (“Company”) warrants to repair or replace at its option ex-works Adelaide any product manufactured or repaired by it within 2 years from the date of shipment which are found to be defective due to either faulty workmanship or use of faulty materials, provided that such defective product is returned to the Company’s works at the customer’s expense, unless otherwise agreed.
  • This warranty is limited solely to products manufactured or repaired by the Company. Products not manufactured by the Company (such as pumps, gauges, motors, switches, etc.) are not covered by this warranty. In relation to a repair, this warranty is limited to the Company’s cost of parts and labour to remedy a defective repair.
  • This warranty does not apply to any product that has been damaged by accident, misuse, neglect, use of an electrical power supply that is incompatible with the design specifications of the product or repair or alteration of the product by anyone other than the Company.
  • A warranty claim must be made to the Company in writing within 14 days of the first occurrence of the event or condition on which the claim is based. The claim must include proof of purchase and a detailed statement of the manner in which the product has been used and the event or condition occurred. The Company’s decision to admit or refuse any warranty claim shall be binding.
  • Replacement parts provided to the customer before the right to a warranty claim is accepted by the Company will be invoiced at the full cost of the parts, including applicable taxes and freight charges. If a warranty claim is accepted, the cost of any replacement parts covered by the warranty claim which have been so invoiced will be credited to the customer.
  • All costs of returning product to the customer shall be paid by the customer.
  • Other than provided in this warranty, the Company excludes any other responsibility or liability whatever to the maximum extent permitted by law including liability for breach of contract, negligence or incidental, consequential, indirect or special damages including without limitation, interruption to use of the product or any other plant or equipment.